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Some things are still better by hand

During my career as a graphic designer my tools of trade were my Mac and a software program that turned ideas into brands - cut and paste was my daily routine. But I always felt something was missing - I craved a chance to get back to basics; I yearned to use my hands to create things. And then one day the wake-up call came when I bought my first iPad. I realised I had a thing of modern design brilliance that needed an equally elegant cover to protect it. A wonderful revelation followed: the best accompaniment for this piece of  design modernity was the old-world simplicity of natural leather. I set about making my first leather item - a cover for my iPad 2. After hours of labour and not a mouse in sight, I had used my hands to create something just as satisfying if I had produced it on my Mac.

Style & Quality

Each item has been a design journey. I have aimed for a simplicity that natural leather demands while pursuing excellence of function. I've looked at ways to improve the regular functionality of these items by adding, for example, an extra pocket and a pen holder to the iPad cover,  a connection outlet for the earphone pouch, and extra sleeves to the iPhone cover.  I've taken the lowest of low tech - natural leather - and made it the practical partner for your high tech goodies.

100% Handmade

Only specially chosen full-grain shoulder hides are used to create the products because they are the best quality. Every item is 100% handmade which includes all seams painstakingly saddle stitched . A darker patina is achieved with oil, also applied by hand. Traditional leather working tools are used to hand die-cut, bevel edges, polish, and dye. Only saddle stitching ensures durability and long life of the item because if one stitch breaks the entire item is not unraveled. Machine stitched leather means when one stitch breaks the item will eventually fall apart. The colours represented on this site vary according to a few factors, namely the choice of leather and it's natural blemishes. It should also be noted that the colour of the leather will vary in its appearance on different computer monitors and any purchase should be made in light of this.

Made to order

I am happy to make custom made items. These are made upon request. Please allow 20 working days for delivery to ensure testing and a quality finish.